Why Do You Need a SEMA Racking Inspection Course in 2023?

Why Do You Need a SEMA Racking Inspection Course 2023

The warehouse operations space has seen many advancements, from technological innovations to regulations. As we navigate through 2023, warehouse safety remains at the forefront of these improvements. A key component of this safety initiative centres around storage equipment and racking systems – and this is where the SEMA Racking Inspection Course comes into play.

Find out why you should take the course by reading on.

Warehouse Safety

In the competitive world of warehouse operations, the race often goes to the swift – those who can locate and move goods at lightning speed. However, beneath this relentless hustle lies a foundational pillar that is often overlooked yet is critical for long-term success— warehouse safety.

A significant part of warehouse safety is, of course, preventing accidents – but that is not the only part that great safety management plays. It is an integral aspect of efficient operations, workforce retention, brand reputation, and cost management – for businesses eyeing long-term success, weaving safety into the very fabric of their operations is a necessity. As you invest in the latest technology and training programs, like the SEMA Racking Inspection Course, remember that you’re investing in safety AND in the future success and longevity of your business.

Understanding SEMA and its Significance

SEMA, the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, is renown for setting the industry standard when it comes to storage solutions. They have long been champions of quality, safety, and reliability – ultimately aiming to ensure that businesses can store products safely while prioritising employee well-being.

In light of recent warehouse incidents and the growing complexity of storage systems, SEMA’s guidelines have become even more pivotal. Their Racking Inspection Course is tailored to equip inspectors with the latest knowledge and skills required to keep warehouses in peak condition.

Why 2023 is the Year to Get Certified

Growing Complexity of Storage Solutions

As businesses adapt to the demands of modern logistics, the storage systems they employ have become more intricate – however, advanced racking systems offer greater efficiency but also pose new safety challenges. A SEMA Racking Inspection Course ensures that your inspectors can handle today’s warehousing landscape.

Stricter Safety Regulations

In 2023, we’re seeing a tightening grip on warehouse safety standards globally. Ensuring compliance with these standards is about more than avoiding penalties (important as that is) – it is about running a successful, efficient business.

Enhance Employee Confidence

Knowing that their workspace adheres to SEMA standards can significantly boost employee morale and confidence, as they can perform their tasks knowing that safety is a priority.

Reducing Long-Term Costs

While there’s an upfront cost associated with training, the long-term financial benefits are undeniable. Fewer accidents mean smoother operations with less interruption and downtime, and a reduction in potential compensatory costs. Plus, a safe environment boosts productivity!

Staying Ahead of the Curve

When you invest in a safety training course,  you are effectively anticipating industry changes. Being proactive about safety ensures your business remains at the forefront of warehouse operations, standing out as an industry leader.

Make the Investment in SEMA Today

It is clear to see why the SEMA Racking Inspection Course is not just beneficial but essential in 2023. As the warehousing sector evolves, those who adapt and prioritise safety will be the ones to thrive.

If you are keen on safeguarding your business’s future and ensuring you’re at the cutting edge of warehouse safety, then look no further – booking a spot in the SEMA Racking Inspection Course means that you are making an investment that will yield dividends in overall efficiency and business growth.

The success of your warehouse does not solely lie in its operations but in the safety and well-being of every individual who steps into it. prioritise their safety, and you prioritise the future of your business.

Seize the Future with SEE Racking Inspections

As we have navigated the importance of SEMA Racking Inspection Courses, it should be evident that the safety and efficiency of your operations are intertwined – but knowledge without action is simply potential left untapped.

SEE Racking Inspections, with our reputation for excellence and commitment to the highest standards of safety, offers comprehensive training courses tailored to the needs of the modern warehousing world. Choosing to train with us means that you are exposing yourself to the industry-leading training and inspection expertise we have accumulated over many years – and you are investing in the future of your business.

Our courses are meticulously crafted to cover every nuance, every detail, and every scenario that might arise in a dynamic warehouse environment. Led by industry experts, these sessions should transform your warehouse operations.

Why wait for change when you can be the change?

Embarking on this journey of continuous learning places your business on the map of industry leaders, and also sends a clear message to your staff and stakeholders that safety and efficiency are paramount.

So, do not let another moment slip by – check out the range of training courses offered on the SEE Racking Inspections site. Navigate the offerings, find the course that fits your needs, and start working to create safer, more efficient storage environments.

Act now. The future of warehousing safety is just a click away.

Why You’ll Need a SEMA Racking Inspection Course in 2018?

SEMA racking inspection course 2018

2018 is a year which promises a lot, so be sure to be prepared when it comes to racking safety

If you’re a small business owner in charge of a storage system, 2018 is the perfect year to make sure that you and your staff are prepared with regards to racking safety. There are many ways to do this — and a SEMA racking inspection course is one of those ways.

Of course, not all SEMA racking inspection courses are the same, so there are other reasons why you might need a SEMA racking inspection course this year.

Three Reasons to Get a SEMA Racking Inspection Course in 2018…

1. You Want to Become a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI)

Becoming a SARI is a big commitment, and the first part of that commitment is taking the SEMA Approved Inspector Qualification. So, if you want to start work as a SARI in 2018, this is the SEMA racking inspection course you’ll need to take.

However, not just anyone is able to take the course. Would-be SARIs need to complete a pre-course assessment to see if they are able to train to be a SARI. Most who wind up being SARIs have a background in engineering or something similar. The pre-course assessment is designed to separate the people who are sincerely ready for the commitment and the people who are not.

After the pre-course qualifier comes the course itself. This is an intensive three-day course with a very high rate of failure. It’s why there are only 109 SARIs as of 2018. The reason for this is to ensure the best possible standards. After the course, SARIs need to commit to continuous development by attending courses and top-up seminars when needed. Not doing so means that someone could lose their status as a SARI.

If that level of commitment sounds right for you, 2018 could be the year you take a SEMA racking inspection course and become a SARI.

2. You Are an End User Who Wants to Learn More about Racking Safety

There are a variety of reasons why the end users of a racking system would want to learn more about racking safety or would want their staff to learn more about racking safety. Some are looking to adhere to the law, some are looking to improve employee engagement, and some are just interested.

The CDM Regulations mean that the idea of “competence” is more important than ever. In short, if you own a warehouse, it is your legal responsibility to make sure that the staff working in it are competent. What’s more, HSE’s HSG76 stresses that “technically competent” staff perform an internal, staff-led racking inspection regularly. This is alongside the annual inspection from a SEMA approved racking inspector.

Both the CDM Regulations and HSE’s HSG76 are a reason that you might want you and your staff to attend a racking inspection course. Doing so will likely ensure that you and your staff are competent both in the eyes of HSE and the CDM Regulations.

3. You Are an End User Concerned About Brexit

With the lack of knowledge surrounding Brexit, investing in you and your staff’s knowledge and overall engagement with a racking inspection course is a great response. Moreover, without the EU’s influence, British safety organisations such as SEMA may become much more influential players in terms of racking safety legislation post-Brexit.

Put all that together and end users have a pretty compelling reason to learn more about SEMA’s take on racking safety with a SEMA racking inspection course in 2018. As well as SEMA’s course for would-be SARIs, SEMA also offers a rack safety awareness course aimed at end users.

Alternatively, you could take our racking inspection course. Delivered by a SEMA approved racking inspector, the racking inspection course at Storage Equipment Experts can be delivered at our training centre in London or at your workplace anywhere in the UK or Ireland. This is unlike the SEMA course, which can only be delivered at its training centre.

During our course, our SEMA approved racking inspector will tell you everything you need to know about SEMA’s approach to racking safety, as well as all of the relevant British and Irish legislation which affects racking safety.

To book a racking inspection course led by a SEMA approved racking inspector, contact us today for a FREE consultation.

A Guide to Racking Inspection Frequency in Ireland

Inspector in uniform doing racking inspection in a warehouse

Knowing how often to inspect your racking is a vital part of warehouse safety. Unfortunately, Ireland’s HSA is not entirely clear about this particular issue.

In the UK, racking inspection frequency is well define by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Warehouses need a pallet rack inspection at least once a year by a’ SEMA approved racking inspector and on a more regular basis by a technically competent staff member. These internal and external racking inspections form the basis of racking inspection safety in the UK.

In Ireland, however, things are much less clear-cut.

Racking Inspection Frequency & HSA

The government body responsible for workplace safety, and therefore warehouse safety, in Ireland is the Health & Safety Authority (HSA). HSA has plenty of information about workplace safety, but none of it mentions pallet racking inspections or how often they should be performed.

The first piece of legislation any Irish business should look at when considering workplace safety of any kind is the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. This act was update as recently as July 2016 and contains a general outline of all workplace safety law in Ireland. The act mentions the role of “inspectors” and it talks about “inspections”, too. In summary, it says that “inspectors” are whoever HSA authorises as “inspectors”.

However, for warehouses and pallet racking, this definition is not helpful, because the act itself does not mention warehouses or pallet racking. When HSA does mention warehouses and racking specifically, it is not in the 2005 act. Rather, the sum total of HSA’s advice on warehouse safety is a short webpage containing some basic information about warehouse safety in general.

The page also contains a short list of “Helpful Websites”. One of those websites is EU-OSHA, the EU body responsible for health and safety across the EU. Another link included in the list is to HSE’s HSG76. This is the HSE guide in which it recommends racking inspections from a SEMA approved inspector at least once a year from a SEMA approved racking inspector and regular inspections from technically competent staff.

This is not the same as HSA authorising SEMA approved inspectors. However, in a roundabout way, it does mean that it recommends them. In other words, there is no official directive or legally binding HSA stance of racking inspection frequency, but there is the informal suggestion that warehouse owners should follow HSE’s advice in HSG76.

However, there are two reasons why all of this might change…

Ireland and the UK, as of March 2017, are both still members of the EU and, as a result, they are still bound by EU law. The UK may be about to leave the European Union (although what that actually means is still anyone’s guess), but Ireland is not.

As a result, Ireland should follow the EU’s advice and recommendations on racking safety. As it happens, the EU’s stance is very similar to the UK’s: annual inspections from an outside expert should be a minimal requirement and regular inspections from technically competent staff are also recommend. Unlike the UK, however, the EU does not specify who exactly would count as an expert. But there’s no reason why a SEMA approved racking inspector wouldn’t count as one — especially considering SEMA’s relationship with the FEM and, therefore, the EU.

As a member of the EU, HSA needs to clarify whether its own stance on racking inspection frequency differs from the EU’s advice or not. It likely wouldn’t, considering the HSA’s informal recommendation of HSE’s stance, and Irish warehouse owners may soon get the clarification they are looking for with HSA’s Programme of Work for 2016 to 2018.

This press release outlines everything that HSA plans to do up until 2018. In this release, HSA writes exactly one sentence about racking, but this one sentence reveals a lot. Its very first “planned action” for transport and storage is as follows:

“Carry out a program of inspections in the transport sector, including a review of safety and health management and assessments of risks associated with storage and racking.”

Its “performance indicator” for this “planed action” is to make sure that 200 inspections are carried out.

What this means, in plain English, is that HSA has been sending its own inspectors out to warehouses across Ireland. HSA wants to perform at least 200 inspections before 2018. Once these 200 inspections (or more) have been performed, HSA will have a “review” of “risks associated with storage and racking”.

If this “review” is a written and published review, it could mark the beginning of some much clearer racking inspection advice for HSA. Until then, however, Irish businesses are best off following the advice of both HSE and the EU — advice which HSA itself informally condones.

If you’re an Irish business confuse by HSA’s stance on racking inspection frequency, don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice, expert racking inspections, or racking inspection training from Storage Equipment Experts.

Which Racking Inspection Courses Do I Need?

Racking Inspection Courses

Racking inspection courses come in all shapes and sizes, but which one is right for you and which one do you need?

Depending on what you plan on doing in the world of warehouse safety, you may need to a racking inspection course. Of course, in some cases, it might be highly recommended and, in other cases, it might simply be a good thing to have. We’re going to break down who needs racking inspection course (and, if so, which ones) and who racking inspection courses are recommended for (and, if so, which ones).

What Kind of Racking Inspection Courses Are There?

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds:

  1. The SEMA Approved Inspector Qualification, which is a course run by SEMA. This course is specifically designed to train and authorise SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARIs).
  2. Private racking inspection courses run by SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARIs) themselves. These courses tend to be designed for warehouse owners and their employees.
  3. Private racking inspection courses run by self-appointed “experts”. We would not recommend these courses to anyone.

Ignoring the third kind of racking inspection course out of hand, the first and second kind of courses are the ones that most people mean when they refer to racking inspection courses.

The first kind of course is needed by people who want to become SEMA approved racking inspectors. Being a SEMA approved racking inspector is a full-time job and requires a lot of hard work. However, if you want to become one, this is the racking inspection course you will need.

The second kind of course is for owners and users of pallet racking systems and provides training to ensure that the racking is maintained safely. This is why we and HSE both highly recommend it.

HSE & Racking Inspection Courses Run By SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

In HSE’s HSG76, it recommends inspections from a SEMA approved racking inspector at least once a year. It also recommends that businesses perform regular, staff-led inspections. In HSE’s eyes, these staff-led inspections are best performed by the business’ PRRS (person responsible for racking safety). HSE doesn’t define “technically competent” — that is the responsibility of the warehouse owner — but they do identify SEMA approved racking inspectors as “experts”.

It is our belief that a racking inspection course from an expert (a SEMA approved racking inspector) would be enough to make someone technically competent enough to carry out regular racking inspections. What is more, we believe that — for consistency’s sake — it’s best if the technically competent staff member performing these regular inspections is trained by the same SEMA approved racking inspector who performs the business’ yearly inspections.

This is evidently the belief of many other businesses, too, which is why so many SEMA approved racking inspectors offer racking inspection courses. However, there are many reasons why the racking inspection course from Storage Equipment Experts is by far the best.

Businesses Across The UK & Ireland Should Take Storage Equipment Experts’ Racking Inspection Course

  1. It’s run by one of the only SEMA approved racking inspectors to have also passed the SEMA cantilever racking inspection course. This means our SARI is an expert in pallet racking safety and cantilever racking safety.
  2. It’s highly recommended.
  3. We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.
  4. Our SEMA approved racking inspector is an all-round health and safety expert who has written for a wide variety of publications.
  5. We are based near London and, as a result, our office is extremely easy to access from anywhere in the UK or Ireland.
  6. We have performed racking inspections and have taught racking inspection courses to Pinewood Studios, the Tate Modern, Smiffy’s, Hayden’s Bakery and Dunlop among many, many others.
  7. We specialise in inspecting a wide variety of racking inspection brands, such as PSS, Link 51, Dexion, Schaefer and plenty more.
  8. We provide a free racking inspection safety checklist.

Now you know why we’re the best, contact Storage Equipment Experts today for racking inspection courses and racking inspections from a SEMA approved racking inspector.

Do My Staff Need to Take the SEMA Racking Inspection Training Course?

SEMA Racking Inspection Training Course

The SEMA racking inspection training course is a program run by SEMA which is designed to give people the ability to become SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARIs).

“Do my staff need to take SEMA’s racking inspection training course?”

The short answer is no.

But why is that? Why wouldn’t you want your staff to receive the SEMA racking inspection training course?

The SEMA Racking Inspection Training Course is Designed for Future SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

The racking inspection training course is a course run by SEMA itself in order to help those with a background in structural engineering or similar pursue a new career. People who pass this course become qualified SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARI). As of right now, there are only 93 SEMA approved racking inspectors.

If a member of your staff wants to become the 94th SEMA approved racking inspector, that is a serious commitment and — more than that — it’s a career in of itself. In fact, in order to maintain their SARI status, they will need to perform a certain number of racking inspections as SEMA approved racking inspector every year.

Added to all this, SEMA approved racking inspectors are expected to attend a set amount of seminars and conferences in order to keep their knowledge up to date. In short, being a SEMA approved racking inspector requires a lot of time, money, and effort.

The SEMA racking inspection training course is a great thing as it creates racking inspection experts, but it’s also a gateway to a new career. It’s only something that an employee would want or need if they no longer wanted to work for your company.

HSE Recommend that Staff Perform Racking Inspections Once a Week. So Where Can My Staff Get Racking Inspection Training?

If you want your staff to be able to perform the sort of weekly racking inspections which HSE recommends, look no further than right here. Our racking inspection training course is run by a SEMA approved racking inspector. This means that your staff will be able to inspect warehouse racking according to SEMA guidelines without the time and cost of sending them on a three-day racking inspection training course. Our course lasts just one day and will give your staff all the knowledge they need in order to perform weekly racking inspections, as per HSE’s guidance.

Storage Equipment Experts’ racking inspection services are critically acclaimed by a long list of great British and Irish businesses. To name but a few, White Stuff, Smiffys, and the Tate Modern all recommend Storage Equipment Experts.

5 More Reasons to Get Racking Inspection Training from Storage Equipment Experts!

Just in case you’re not quite convinced, here are five more reasons to give your staff racking inspection training from our SEMA approved racking inspector

  • Our SEMA approved racking inspectors are willing and very able to travel to anywhere in UK & Ireland quickly and easily.
  • Our SEMA approved racking inspectors have produced countless articles on the subject of warehouses safety, rack safety, and health and safety in general — all of which means that he knows his industry inside out.
  • Our SEMA approved racking inspectors are qualified by SEMA to inspect both adjustable pallet racking and cantilever racking; there are only 34 people which hold both of these qualifications.
  • Our racking inspection training course is available at the extremely competitive price of £225 + VAT per person.
  • We also offer a warehouse racking inspection checklist (written by SEMA approved racking inspectors) and an infographic detailing how to use the checklist… for free!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Storage Equipment Experts today for a quote on racking inspections from a SEMA approved inspector or for a racking inspection training courses.

What is SEMA Racking Inspection Training?

Approved SEMA Racking Inspection Training

There is often some confusion over what exactly SEMA racking inspection training refers to. We’re here to clear that confusion up.

SEMA is shorthand for the Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association, and SEMA racking inspection training is racking inspection training delivered by a representative from SEMA and/or in accordance with SEMA guidelines. This vague, non-technical definition refers to a few different kinds of racking inspection training. Firstly, there is training from SEMA itself.

Training from SEMA

SEMA offers a variety of different training courses and all of them are for different purposes. Though by far the most highly-regarded course is the SEMA approved inspector qualification. This course is specifically aimed at those who wish to become a SEMA approved racking inspector (SARI) and want to inspect warehouse racking as a career. This is a kind of SEMA racking inspection training but it is not aimed at warehouse owners. Rather, it’s aimed at those who want a job in warehouse safety.

This kind of SEMA racking inspection training is important. It’s why HSE identifies people who have passed this course, SEMA approved racking inspectors, as racking inspection “experts”. Moreover, they recommend that a racking inspection expert like a SEMA approved racking inspector inspects your warehouse’s racking at least once a year.

Racking inspections run by a SEMA approved racking inspector is a service we offer. This is alongside our free pallet racking inspection checklist and racking inspection training. But what are the different types of racking inspection training courses available to owners and others that are responsible for the safety of racking systems?

SEMA Racking Inspection Training Vs. Racking Inspections by a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector Training

At Storage Equipment Experts, we too offer what is often refer to as SEMA racking inspection training. Course run by an experienced SEMA approved racking inspector and provides detailed and important information on HSE and SEMA guidelines.

However, for the sake of accuracy, it’s sometimes also known as racking inspection training. This is because our course is not run by SEMA itself. Rather, it is run by our SEMA approved racking inspectors and is tailored specifically for businesses and warehouse-owning organisations.

Our course is designed for the express purpose of making sure that warehouse owners and their staff know how to perform internal racking inspections as per HSE’s recommendations.

HSE states that staff should “receive training, information and instruction on the safe operation of the racking system” & “perform internal racking inspections on a regular” basis using a green, amber, and red inspection system. But who should provide this training? And why does your business need racking inspection training?

Racking Inspection Training by a SEMA Approved Inspector

According to HSE’s new CDM guidelines, it is up to the “client” to decide who is and who is not “technically competent”. The client is the person ultimately responsible for the safety of others in a workplace and, more often than not, this person is often the business owner. In the case of warehouse safety, the client either refers to the warehouse owner or the business owner — depending on the situation.

What this means for racking inspection training is that it is up to the business owner to decide whether or not their staff need training to deliver the internal racking inspections HSE recommends.

Our stance is that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that in order to follow HSE’s guidance as closely as possible, every warehouse-owning organisation in the UK needs racking inspection training.

Racking inspection training delivered by someone who is not a SEMA approved inspector is problematic. After all, in order to call your staff “technically competent”.
You would want them to be trained in racking inspection by someone who HSE has identified as a racking inspection “expert”.

This is why businesses that have received racking inspections by a SEMA approved inspector and racking inspection training from Storage Equipment Experts have so many good things to say. After all, it’s not just HSE that knows we’re racking inspection experts…

  • Ideally suited for our needs” — Dunlop
  • The highest standard, with engaging content undertaken at an easy pace… and it works” — Oasis Foods
  • No hesitation in recommending their services for all racking inspection training needs” — Crossland Tankers
  • Superb service” — Hymns Ancient & Modern
  • From start to finish the service provided was excellent, I would definitely recommend Storage Equipment Experts” — Giesecke & Devrient
  • Overall very good value. Thanks again from all at MAHLE” — MAHLE
  • Fantastic work, could not recommend enough” — Daler-Rowney Limited

Professionalism, peace of mind, accuracy, authority, and service: that, along many other reasons, is why a racking inspection training course from Storage Equipment Experts is more than just your standard racking inspection training. And there are many more great testimonials and reviews for our racking inspection training as well.

So for critically-acclaimed racking inspection training courses, delivered by a racking inspection expert, look no further than right here! Contact Storage Equipment Experts today.