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Damaged or unsafe racking presents a significant risk. Its potential for failure can have an enormous impact on a warehousing operation, with potential loss of product, endangerment of human life and ultimately penalties including heavy fines and possible imprisonment.

By ensuring you operate your equipment in the safest possible manner you will have peace of mind you are minimising this risk and addressing your corporate obligation.

Our SEMA approved inspectors, provide racking inspections to enable regular opportunities to fully examine the structure and functionality of your warehouse racking. Thorough checks not only ensure you remain compliant with workplace health and safety requirements but also provide opportunities for you to assess if you are using your space efficiently and cost effectively.

Through our team of experienced and approved SARI inspectors we offer independent third party storage racking inspections for all types of systems.

Our services include:-

1. Inspections of racking & shelving systems:

Pallet Racking, Conventional Shelving, Long span, Shelving, Cantilever Racking and Drive-in Racking

2. Regular Monitoring Contracts

As a complete service package, our qualified rack inspectors can complete Condition Monitoring Contracts which not only include an annual inspection but also on going monitoring and intermediate inspections at agreed intervals during the year.

3. Inspection Software and Reporting

We have developed an Inspection Database Software package as an aid for logging and reporting damage.

Training courses for you or your staff to improve safety in your workplace.

Safety equipment to protect your storage equipment.

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