A building with the sole purpose of storage needs to be safe and secure; this is why warehouse safety and racking inspections are so important. Without them, warehouses could not function. Without warehouses, we wouldn’t have had an Industrial Revolution. As such, it’s almost impossible to overplay the importance, influence and significance of warehouses and their safety for modern life.

How Thorough Is This Guide?

In our three-volume guide, we break down every element of warehouse safety and racking inspections. From the big ideas to the most specific of definitions, we have absolutely everything covered. Our advice is thoroughly researched and well-sourced. A lot of it of it comes from HSE’s HSG76, but our guide is also formulated by advice from British law, HSA, the EU and SEMA. Most importantly, it’s been written by a SEMA approved racking inspector who is one of the few people in the world to have also passed SEMA’s cantilever racking inspection course as well.

How Is This Guide Broken Up?

Part one outlines best practice for warehouse safety, including HSE guidelines and specific advice about storage equipment. Part two defines warehouses themselves. It explores how to identify the different parts of warehouse racking, how to identify different kinds of storage systems, and it also defines SEMA’s role in warehouse safety. Finally, part three explains what racking inspections are. It explains why they are important, who should perform them, when you’ll need them, how often you need them, how to identify an expert inspection from a non-expert one and everything else you might need to know.

We hope that this guide will help you in figuring out how to navigate the sometimes confusing world of warehouse safety and racking inspections. The guide is intended as a reference point for you to return to when you should need it, or to read from start to finish as a great introduction to warehouse safety.

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