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A racking inspection needs to be carried about by a SEMA approved racking inspector (a SARI) at least once every 12 months. This recommendation has been made by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) due to their respect of SEMA’s rigid standards. Every SEMA approved racking inspector has been through intense and thorough training in order to achieve their SEMA approved racking inspector status.

Added to this, HSE also recommend that racking inspections are carried out on a regular basis by internal staff. HSE state that all racking inspectors, internal or SEMA approved, need to be “technically competent”. A great way to achieve this is by giving your staff racking inspection training. Storage Equipment Experts offer high quality racking inspection training provided by our own SEMA approved racking inspectors who cover the whole of the UK & Ireland. The frequency of each type of pallet racking inspection must be adjusted with due regard to the levels of activity in the warehouse and levels of damage found. High usage stores require more regular racking inspections. Added to this, cold store conditions are more arduous for materials and staff. These conditions must be taken into account when determining the necessary frequency of inspection.

HSE also states that business owners should never make assumptions about the competence or reliability of any person handling, installing, or inspecting their racking. It is a business owner’s responsibility to be absolutely certain that the person inspecting their racking is the right person for the job.

At Storage Equipment Experts, we can guarantee businesses the highest possible quality of racking inspection. Our SEMA approved racking inspectors have not only had years of experience working in their field, but have also written about how racking inspections factor into the larger world of business.