Which Racking Inspection Courses Do I Need?

Racking Inspection Courses

Racking inspection courses come in all shapes and sizes, but which one is right for you and which one do you need?

Depending on what you plan on doing in the world of warehouse safety, you may need to a racking inspection course. Of course, in some cases, it might be highly recommended and, in other cases, it might simply be a good thing to have. We’re going to break down who needs racking inspection course (and, if so, which ones) and who racking inspection courses are recommended for (and, if so, which ones).

What Kind of Racking Inspection Courses Are There?

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds:

  1. The SEMA Approved Inspector Qualification, which is a course run by SEMA. This course is specifically designed to train and authorise SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARIs).
  2. Private racking inspection courses run by SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARIs) themselves. These courses tend to be designed for warehouse owners and their employees.
  3. Private racking inspection courses run by self-appointed “experts”. We would not recommend these courses to anyone.

Ignoring the third kind of racking inspection course out of hand, the first and second kind of courses are the ones that most people mean when they refer to racking inspection courses.

The first kind of course is needed by people who want to become SEMA approved racking inspectors. Being a SEMA approved racking inspector is a full-time job and requires a lot of hard work. However, if you want to become one, this is the racking inspection course you will need.

The second kind of course is for owners and users of pallet racking systems and provides training to ensure that the racking is maintained safely. This is why we and HSE both highly recommend it.

HSE & Racking Inspection Courses Run By SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

In HSE’s HSG76, it recommends inspections from a SEMA approved racking inspector at least once a year. It also recommends that businesses perform regular, staff-led inspections. In HSE’s eyes, these staff-led inspections are best performed by the business’ PRRS (person responsible for racking safety). HSE doesn’t define “technically competent” — that is the responsibility of the warehouse owner — but they do identify SEMA approved racking inspectors as “experts”.

It is our belief that a racking inspection course from an expert (a SEMA approved racking inspector) would be enough to make someone technically competent enough to carry out regular racking inspections. What is more, we believe that — for consistency’s sake — it’s best if the technically competent staff member performing these regular inspections is trained by the same SEMA approved racking inspector who performs the business’ yearly inspections.

This is evidently the belief of many other businesses, too, which is why so many SEMA approved racking inspectors offer racking inspection courses. However, there are many reasons why the racking inspection course from Storage Equipment Experts is by far the best.

Businesses Across The UK & Ireland Should Take Storage Equipment Experts’ Racking Inspection Course

  1. It’s run by one of the only SEMA approved racking inspectors to have also passed the SEMA cantilever racking inspection course. This means our SARI is an expert in pallet racking safety and cantilever racking safety.
  2. It’s highly recommended.
  3. We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.
  4. Our SEMA approved racking inspector is an all-round health and safety expert who has written for a wide variety of publications.
  5. We are based near London and, as a result, our office is extremely easy to access from anywhere in the UK or Ireland.
  6. We have performed racking inspections and have taught racking inspection courses to Pinewood Studios, the Tate Modern, Smiffy’s, Hayden’s Bakery and Dunlop among many, many others.
  7. We specialise in inspecting a wide variety of racking inspection brands, such as PSS, Link 51, Dexion, Schaefer and plenty more.
  8. We provide a free racking inspection safety checklist.

Now you know why we’re the best, contact Storage Equipment Experts today for racking inspection courses and racking inspections from a SEMA approved racking inspector.