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A SEMA approved racking inspector is a person who has completed SEMA’s specialised training course on pallet racking inspections. However, passing this course is no small feat. Inspections from SEMA approved racking inspectors are recommended by HSE and the reason for this is SEMA’s rigid standards.

How to become a SEMA approved racking inspector

Before a person can even begin training for their SEMA approved inspector qualification, they need to complete an initial assessment as a pre-course qualifier. Only when this has been completed can they move on to the next stage which requires candidates to “complete a specially designed intensive course, written examination and practical assessment”. The intensive course lasts three days and the practical assessment is observed by people who expect excellent inspection technique, accurate damage assessment, and concise reporting. Due to SEMA’s standards, the failure rate for this examination is high and as of 2015 there are only 93 registered SEMA approved racking inspectors in the UK.

How to remain a SEMA approved racking inspector

Being a SEMA approved racking inspector is also an “on-going commitment”. SEMA approved racking inspectors are expected to maintain their standards and their knowledge. To do this, SEMA approved racking inspectors need to be sure they are inspecting racking on a regular basis. Moreover, they should be attending SEMA meetings and seminars, completing any extra relevant courses available, and imparting their knowledge to others. At SEMA Racking Inspections, we believe in all of these things. Our belief in imparting knowledge is why we have written articles for a wide variety of publications (both national and international) to ensure that we impart as much of our knowledge as possible to the warehousing, logistics, and construction industry.

What kind of person is SEMA racking inspector?

As well as a competent pallet racking inspector, a SARI needs certain character traits. At the SEMA meeting on September 17th 2015, Mike Pace outlined the traits of a SEMA approved racking inspector. They have “sound observational skills”, “a robust understanding” and “a keen eye for detail”. Added to this, a SEMA approved racking inspector has “the ability to assimilate technical information”, and the ability “to communicate findings clearly and concisely”.

At SEMA Racking Inspections, we are proud to be the best SEMA approved racking inspectors in the South East. Contact us today!

A SEMA approved racking inspector (SARI), Justin is one of less than forty SARIs to be approved by SEMA to inspect both pallet racking and cantilever racking systems. As the owner of Storage Equipment Experts, Justin delivers rack safety inspections and rack safety inspection training to businesses across the UK. Justin has also written for a variety of publications (including EHS Today, OHS Online, Supply Chain Brain, Small Business, and E27) on a variety of health and safety related topics.Justin remains committed to delivering racking inspection services to businesses across the country. So, whether your business is based in Cardiff or Carlisle, Derry or Derby, Ipswich or Inverness, Storage Equipment Experts will be there. Contact SEE today for racking inspection training from the best in the business.
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