Racking Inspection Training

Rack Safety Awareness Course

This training course can be completed in one day and held at your warehouse or ‘off site’ i.e. within the offices at our premises.

It is beneficial, if you have the space available, to hold this course at your premises as our trainer can include course content that is relevant to the racking systems and operations within your warehouse.

The course covers an in-depth look at the need for rack safety inspections, how to conduct a risk assessment of the storage equipment in your workplace and what actions to take on completion. It references the SEMA codes of practice and industry standards and reviews current legislation. Recommended reference texts are also given on the course.

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Main subjects covered include:
  • The need for rack inspections
  • Legislative requirements & who is responsible
  • Types of inspection & how often to carry out inspections
  • Records of inspections and repairs that should be kept
  • What to look for during the inspection
  • Types of damage and how to record them
  • Action points and corrective measures
  • Loading configurations
  • How to complete a risk assessment of your workplace
  • Different levels of risk & how to manage these risks
  • Use of ancillary equipment such as forklifts

We aim to include information that is useful and relevant to the racking systems in use within your warehouse.

We will provide you a PDF racking inspection sheet which can be used for recording your future internal racking inspections.

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We also offer an Online Course, conducted live and interactive. Find out more.