Approved SEMA Racking Inspection Training

There is often some confusion over what exactly SEMA racking inspection training refers to. We’re here to clear that confusion up.

SEMA is shorthand for the Storage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association, and SEMA racking inspection training is racking inspection training delivered by a representative from SEMA and/or in accordance with SEMA guidelines. This vague, non-technical definition refers to a few different kinds of racking inspection training. Firstly, there is training from SEMA itself.

Training from SEMA

SEMA offers a variety of different training courses and all of them are for different purposes. Though by far the most highly-regarded course is the SEMA approved inspector qualification. This course is specifically aimed at those who wish to become a SEMA approved racking inspector (SARI) and want to inspect warehouse racking as a career. This is a kind of SEMA racking inspection training but it is not aimed at warehouse owners. Rather, it’s aimed at those who want a job in warehouse safety.

This kind of SEMA racking inspection training is important. It’s why HSE identifies people who have passed this course, SEMA approved racking inspectors, as racking inspection “experts”. Moreover, they recommend that a racking inspection expert like a SEMA approved racking inspector inspects your warehouse’s racking at least once a year.

Racking inspections run by a SEMA approved racking inspector is a service we offer. This is alongside our free pallet racking inspection checklist and racking inspection training. But what are the different types of racking inspection training courses available to owners and others that are responsible for the safety of racking systems?

SEMA Racking Inspection Training Vs. Racking Inspections by a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector Training

At Storage Equipment Experts, we too offer what is often refer to as SEMA racking inspection training. Course run by an experienced SEMA approved racking inspector and provides detailed and important information on HSE and SEMA guidelines.

However, for the sake of accuracy, it’s sometimes also known as racking inspection training. This is because our course is not run by SEMA itself. Rather, it is run by our SEMA approved racking inspectors and is tailored specifically for businesses and warehouse-owning organisations.

Our course is designed for the express purpose of making sure that warehouse owners and their staff know how to perform internal racking inspections as per HSE’s recommendations.

HSE states that staff should “receive training, information and instruction on the safe operation of the racking system” & “perform internal racking inspections on a regular” basis using a green, amber, and red inspection system. But who should provide this training? And why does your business need racking inspection training?

Racking Inspection Training by a SEMA Approved Inspector

According to HSE’s new CDM guidelines, it is up to the “client” to decide who is and who is not “technically competent”. The client is the person ultimately responsible for the safety of others in a workplace and, more often than not, this person is often the business owner. In the case of warehouse safety, the client either refers to the warehouse owner or the business owner — depending on the situation.

What this means for racking inspection training is that it is up to the business owner to decide whether or not their staff need training to deliver the internal racking inspections HSE recommends.

Our stance is that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that in order to follow HSE’s guidance as closely as possible, every warehouse-owning organisation in the UK needs racking inspection training.

Racking inspection training delivered by someone who is not a SEMA approved inspector is problematic. After all, in order to call your staff “technically competent”.
You would want them to be trained in racking inspection by someone who HSE has identified as a racking inspection “expert”.

This is why businesses that have received racking inspections by a SEMA approved inspector and racking inspection training from Storage Equipment Experts have so many good things to say. After all, it’s not just HSE that knows we’re racking inspection experts…

  • Ideally suited for our needs” — Dunlop
  • The highest standard, with engaging content undertaken at an easy pace… and it works” — Oasis Foods
  • No hesitation in recommending their services for all racking inspection training needs” — Crossland Tankers
  • Superb service” — Hymns Ancient & Modern
  • From start to finish the service provided was excellent, I would definitely recommend Storage Equipment Experts” — Giesecke & Devrient
  • Overall very good value. Thanks again from all at MAHLE” — MAHLE
  • Fantastic work, could not recommend enough” — Daler-Rowney Limited

Professionalism, peace of mind, accuracy, authority, and service: that, along many other reasons, is why a racking inspection training course from Storage Equipment Experts is more than just your standard racking inspection training. And there are many more great testimonials and reviews for our racking inspection training as well.

So for critically-acclaimed racking inspection training courses, delivered by a racking inspection expert, look no further than right here! Contact Storage Equipment Experts today.

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