Storage Equipment Experts

HSE recommend that a rack inspection should be carried at least once a year by a SEMA approved racking inspector and on a regular basis by a company’s nominated Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS). HSE recommend that any PRRS has had training specific to racking inspections & rack safety and, in addition, that you should never assume that anybody installing, inspecting, or repairing your racking is qualified to do so. Rather, every business person should be certain that whoever is inspecting their racking is the right person for the job.

With your annual inspection, of course, this means making sure that you are using a SEMA approved racking inspector. With your regular inspection, you might want to ensure that your employees have received racking inspection training from one of our experienced SEMA approved racking inspectors who will attend your site or by booking a place on one of our monthly training courses at our three UK training centres or joining us for an online course.

Beyond these recommendations, HSE also states that employers have a responsibility to maintain “working equipment” (which includes pallet racking) and make sure that it receives an immediate inspection if any damage is suspected. Added to this, we at Storage Equipment Experts also believe that the following factors should be considered to help decide the frequency of your company’s inspections:

  • Level of forklift activity within the warehouse
  • Types & quantity of mechanical handling equipment in use (i.e. forklifts etc)
  • Number of forklift operators and the level of skill/care in their operations
  • Type and size of the racking installation (one bay of racking or many more)
  • Levels of damage to the pallet racking
  • Type and condition of the floor
  • Temperature in the working environment – ambient, chilled or freezer

The key thing to remember is that HSE recommends an expert racking inspection “at least” once every 12 months. However, if you are in any doubt as to the safety of your racking equipment, then it is best to organise an inspection anyway. We at Storage Equipment Experts know that the best form of protection is prevention. So contact Storage Equipment Experts today to receive an inspection from the best SEMA approved racking inspectors working in the UK.