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The annual Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report is a strong indicator of workplace safety. Its most recent findings are alarming, to say the least.

As providers of racking inspection services, HSE dictates the health and safety standards that we abide by. Its aim is to reduce the number of work-related injuries and deaths, which is something we should all support.

But the latest statistics show no sign of improvement, with many areas of concern seeing slight increases. In an age where health and safety regulations are supposedly too stringent, why aren’t we seeing a drastic reduction in workplace dangers?

What are the Findings of the Report?

Before we get into the implications of the HSE statistics, it’s important to see some of the most alarming figures.

In 2015/16, 1.3 million people suffered from a work-related illness. In the same year, 144 workers were killed at work.

There were 621,000 injuries (according to the Labour Force Survey) and a further 72,702 other injuries reported under RIDDOR.

The UK lost an estimated £14.1 billion due to work-related illness and injuries, stemming from 30.4 million lost working days.

In the transport and storage sector, there were 37,000 workplace injuries and 14 workers were killed at work. We provide racking inspection services to keep these numbers down, but sadly these statistics are far too common.

Infographic explaining HSE injury and fatality statistics

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Why Haven’t Injuries and Deaths Dropped?

We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s health and safety gone mad” — but are we really being mollycoddled? The HSE statistics suggest not, with deaths and injuries in 2015/16 higher than the previous year.

Like many public bodies, HSE is receiving less governmental funding than previous years. In 2009/10, this figure was £231 million. In 2019/20, it will be just £128.4 million. Operating with a smaller budget means that the effectiveness of HSE will surely diminish.

Less funding means that other individuals and bodies will have to shoulder the burden. Businesses need to make workplace safety a priority if fatality and injury rates are to be tackled. For those businesses that own warehouses, our racking inspection services ensure that facilities abide by the most stringent safety regulations.

How to Make our Workplaces Safer

No employee should go to work in fear of their safety. But with the funding of HSE unlikely to be improved during the next five years, it’s important to think of other solutions.

Business owners must take full responsibility for their premises, carrying out regular checks and hiring professionals to review their safety procedures. Our warehouse racking inspection template is a good starting point for businesses with racking systems.

It’s also important to stress the importance of safety to your staff. If individuals feel personally involved in the upkeep of their workplace, it’s more likely to be a safer one. Having a clear and simple reporting procedure will ensure hazards are dealt with efficiently. Providing training to staff will increase the likelihood of early detection.

The Importance of Racking Inspection Services

The alarming statistics of the transport and storage sector make our racking inspection services all the more important. To reduce the number of injuries caused by worn, faulty or badly-installed racking, regular inspections are a must. Having a SEMA approved professional carry out these checks will make your workplace safer.

Our warehouse racking inspection template guides you through the process of internal inspection of the APR Systems (Adjustable Pallet Racking). Fill in our racking inspection form to receive our free guide, which will help you understand the types of damage and defects that are likely to be highlighted in an official inspection.

Although the latest statistics are disturbing, we at Storage Equipment Experts hold out hope for a safer 2017. With the right training and regular inspections, Great Britain’s workplaces can start to tackle these figures.

To help prevent your workplace from featuring in next year’s HSE report, use our racking inspection services and provide your employees with the safety they deserve.

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