Racking Inspection Training Course

At SEMA Racking Inspections, we believe in the importance of racking inspection training and it is because of this that we deliver the best racking inspection training course in the UK. That isn’t just hot air. We know that, to be the market leader in any industry, you need to have a unique selling proposition. Which is why we at SEMA Racking Inspections are proud to have three things that make us unique and separate us from our competitors…

Location, Location, Location

Even if you are eager to for your staff to learn more about how to perform pallet racking inspections, you might find it inconvenient to travel to far out cities. Time is money and having to take set aside two days for a journey to a training session can hurt your profits. Fortunately, SEMA Racking Inspections is based in the heart of London and our training centre is only 15 minutes from Kings Cross Station and Euston Station by London Underground. London itself is accessible from anywhere in the country. Even from Edinburgh, you can reach London with a direct train in under four and half hours.

Racking Inspection Training Course Delivered by a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector

At SEMA racking inspections, we have written at length about the importance of using a SEMA approved racking inspector for pallet racking inspections. HSE recommend a SEMA racking inspector for a pallet racking inspection at least once a year, and so a SEMA approved racking inspector is the perfect person to deliver racking inspection training.

Passion for the warehousing industry

Being a SEMA approved racking inspector is ongoing commitment that is assessed every year. A big part of this assessment is attending courses, seminars, and imparting knowledge. This is precisely why we at SEMA Racking Inspections attended the June 2015 SEMA seminar, SEMA’s July 2015 cantilever racking course, and have written articles about these events in order to impart knowledge. However, we have gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to sharing our wisdom by also writing articles for international publications, American publications, and British publications on a wide variety racking safety related issues. It is this same passion for racking inspection safety which lead us to develop our racking inspection training program.

Now that you know what makes us great, don’t settle for second best! Contact SEMA Racking Inspections today for racking inspection training delivered by the best SEMA approved racking inspector in the UK.

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