Pallet Racking Inspection Training Course uk

We believe in the importance of pallet racking inspection training courses, which is why we offer the best pallet racking inspection training course in the UK. But what is a rack inspection training course? How does it differ from any other safety course? And what exactly does it aim to achieve?

In essence, a pallet racking inspection training course is a one-day course delivered by a racking inspection expert. The course teaches people who work in a warehouse how to perform routine checks on racking systems. It sounds simple enough, but there are a few other details…

A Pallet Racking Inspection Training Course Versus a Generic Safety Training Course

If there are more than five people in your business, you are legally required to give them a brief rundown of your health and safety policy. This is the law, but it does not really qualify as training. A rundown of your health and safety policy does not even cover the specifics of warehouse safety, let alone racking safety.

When it comes to warehouses specifically, HSE states that everybody in your warehouse needs to be “competent” and anybody performing a rack inspection needs to be “technically competent”. But what does that even mean, and how much training can achieve this competence? For years, this question went unanswered, which lead the rise of over 300 different card schemes. With each new card, a new definition of “technically competent” was created.

The new CDM regulations now mean that the definition of “technically competent” is determined by the employer, legally titled the “client”. However, it’s fair to assume that a generic safety course will not make anyone “technically competent” enough to inspect racking. Rather, a pallet racking inspection course which specifically covers the details of rack inspection is a better bet. Our one has the added benefit of being delivered by a SEMA approved rack inspector (SARI); HSE labels SARIs as “expert inspectors”.

If I Complete a Rack Inspection Training Course, does that make me an “Expert Inspector”?

In a word, no. We like to be honest here at Storage Equipment Experts, and the fact is that no one-day course alone will mean that you are considered an “expert inspector” in the eyes of HSE. That title is reserved for people who have spent years achieving and maintaining a high level of racking inspection knowledge. HSE specifically label a SEMA approved rack inspector as an “expert inspector”, and this is not a title that can be achieved by any course except one delivered by SEMA itself.

A pallet racking inspection training course means that you can now consider yourself “technically competent” in the eyes of HSE. This means that you are able to perform the kind of day-to-day racking inspection that HSE expects your staff to do. Added to this, HSE insists on yearly racking inspections from an “expert inspector” such as a SEMA approved rack inspector. Your business needs to do both of these things to be on the right side of HSE, and knowing the difference between “technically competent” and “expert inspector” is crucial.

Our rack inspection training course covers a lot of detail, but we do not pretend to cover everything. Stating otherwise would encourage overconfidence and danger in the workplace. At Storage Equipment Experts, we are happy to make distinctions clear in the name of safety. It is this commitment to clarity that inspires us to spell out exactly what a pallet racking inspection training course is and, more than that, why ours is the best rack inspection course in the UK.

Contact Storage Equipment Experts today for the rack inspection training course that insists on clarity, expertise, and value for money!

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