Racking Inspection Training

Any business owner that uses a warehouse will benefit from racking inspection training.

Racking inspection training is a great way to ensure that your warehouse, and your staff, can operate at their full potential. Here are just a few reasons why.

Trained staff are independent staff

If your employees are trained in how to carry out racking inspections, then that is one less thing you have to worry about yourself. Of course, HSE still recommend a visit from a SEMA approved racking inspector at least once a year. However, racking inspection training means that you can let your staff deal with day-to-day racking safety issues without having to hold their hands.

Knowledge is Power

The expression “knowledge is power” is commonly attributed to Francis Bacon and, though he was not referring to racking inspection training when he says those words, the expression still applies. It’s true that profit margins, product desirability, and consumer behaviour are three of the most powerful pieces of knowledge that any business owner can have. However, knowing how to inspect your racking for faults also gives you power. Rather than standing idly by and waiting for somebody to tell you that your warehouse is in bad shape, racking inspection training means that you can take action early. Knowledge, in this case, is the power to reduce the negative impacts that badly maintained and uninspected racking can have on your business.

Communication and Understanding

Most arguments are root in misunderstanding, and this is especially true in business. A third party racking inspector might tell you a whole heap of things that, as a business owner, you don’t want to hear. If you don’t understanding racking safety, then it’s quite easy to simply wave their advice aside. In the long run, this is both dangerous and unprofitable. And all of this can avoided through the communication and understanding acquired by a company wide racking inspection training course.

Business writer Joseph Folkman notes that one of the biggest mistakes that managers make is thinking that telling staff a bunch of things is the same as communicating with them. If everybody is trained on racking safety, then talking about racking safety becomes more than just one person reeling off a list of rules. Rather, it becomes a genuine conversation between people who know the protocols, understand the situation, and can work towards a solution.

Increase communication, gain knowledge, and grant yourself and your staff more independence with SEMA Racking Inspections: the number one safety organisation for racking inspection training run by a SEMA approved racking inspector!

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