Benefits of Racking Inspection Training for SMEs UK

Racking Inspection Training – When your business is small, costs can be tight and so no spending should be taken lightly. Every small business owner wants to follow the law, but going the extra mile for safety training is the difference between being a mid-sized company and being a national or international brand.

This is because safety training is always a worthwhile investment; a business can never be too safe. If you own a warehouse, your SMEs will always benefit from racking inspection training.

Racking Inspection Training Makes Good Money Sense

Your racking inspection training course will start to save you money almost immediately after it has been delivered. According to OSHA, the government body for occupational health and safety in the United States, “a good safety and health program can save $4 to $6 for every $1 invested”.

Racking inspection training is a perfect example of this. After receiving racking from Storage Equipment Experts, Martin Vellenoweth from Haydens Bakery said that racking inspections training gave his staff the “confidence, knowledge and competence to carry out their own internal racking inspections.”

Confident and knowledgeable staff are more motivated and fast-working staff that are less likely to injure themselves or to injure your profits.

Racking Inspection Training is Cheaper Than You Might Think

At £175+VAT, our rack inspection training course is well worth the investment. For much less than what it would cost to pay an employee minimum wage for four days work, you can instead pay for a racking inspection training course that will make them a better employee for the rest of their time at your company.

Safety training, especially racking inspection training, never costs as much as you might think. Especially when you consider that training has the potential to motivate your staff much more a few days of work, and can end up costing just the same.

For Small Businesses, Racking Inspection Training is a Chance to Become a Tighter Unit

If you employ ten people or fewer, then all of them can attend one of our racking.

inspection training courses at the same time. It is a chance to bond and to remind all of your employees that you value them and care about their long term future at the company. As business writer Dianne M. Durkin puts it, “continuous learning is one of the best employee motivators”.

The science also bears this theory out. During the Robber’s Cave Experiment in 1961, one psychologist wanted to see what it would take for two small factions of people to overcome animosity towards each other. The participants in the experiment were children at summer camp and, after forcing the two groups to compete for a while, tensions between the two groups inevitably increased.

The researchers then wanted to see what would happen if the two groups were then mixed together and given tasks that required them to work together in order to achieve shared goals. The result? The children began to get along as one big group rather than two small ones.

Your staff may get along well enough, and they are definitely not children at a summer camp, but the same rules apply. Racking inspections training is a great way to allow your staff to work together towards a common goal: that goal being a better understanding of racking safety.

Take your SME to the next level with racking inspection training from the only SEMA-approved racking inspector based in London!

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