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Racking inspection training is integral to all businesses with storage systems, and so finding the course that’s right for your business is vital. If you don’t, you could wind up paying for it in the long run with accidents, damages, and smaller profits. So here is our guide to the five different kinds of racking inspections training.

1. HSE Guides to Racking Safety

HSE offers plenty of information for those who want to learn more about racking safety, but does this qualify as racking inspection training? Only in the vaguest sense. The information that OSHA and HSE offer is authoritative, but it is only meant to serve as an introduction to the topic. HSE offer tips on racking inspection, detailing a traffic light system for checks, but this is only training at its most basic.

2. Online Videos on Racking Safety

There are some great videos on safety training out there, such as this one on respiratory protection training, but racking inspection requires too much knowledge to be covered in a single video. We at Storage Equipment Experts have offered a brief video introduction to the topic, but no one video can fully prepare a member of staff to sufficiently inspect your storage systems.

3. Mandatory in Work Training

Employees are bound by law to offer a certain level of training to employees working in certain professions. However, this bare minimum amount of training rarely covers things as detailed as how to perform a racking inspection. Even if it did, it would not be enough to prepare employees properly for that task. Rather, for employees who work with racking, HSE recommends training that specifically explains what safe and unsafe racking is.

To stay within the law, employees need to be prepare to give more training for those who need it. The person responsible for racking safety (PRRS) should be “technically competent”. All of this is to say that giving your employees a thirty-minute one-off lecture on safety in general does not qualify as racking inspection training. Racking inspection training requires expertise, detail and time. At Storage Equipment Experts, we are proud to offer all three.

4. The Storage Equipment Experts Blog

For experts who want to brush up on their racking safety knowledge, for those interested in the topic, or for those who want a brief introduction to racking safety, our blog is a great source of information. Updated five times a month, the Storage Equipment Experts blog covers many of the things that affect racking inspection training and racking safety. Yet, as authoritative and as detailed as this information can be, it is still not quite enough to get your employees past HSE’s threshold of “technically competent”.

5. Face-to-Face Racking Inspection Training

It should really come as no surprise to discover that the best kind of racking inspections training happens face-to-face. In an intimate seminar setting, a proper full day course offers plenty of opportunities to go into detail. At Storage Equipment Experts, we have been praise for the level of detail that our course goes into. Upon using our service, a representative from Dunlop said that the course was “thorough and concise, ensuring all key points [were] covered”.

The time and space to explain racking inspection in depth is something that can only be offer by racking inspections training that occurs at a face-to-face course.

Supplementary videos and online guides serve as good introductions to the topic, but nothing can replicate the confidence generate in your staff by racking inspections training from a SEMA-approved racking inspector.

At Storage Equipment Experts, our passion for the industry helps us to deliver the best racking inspections training course in the UK.

Take your racking inspection knowledge to the next level with racking inspection training from the UK’s foremost SEMA approved racking inspector.

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