Pallet Racking in London

London is home to thousands of businesses. If yours is one of them — and you have pallet racking — contact us for an inspection.

Storage Equipment Experts is based all over the UK and we’re happy to travel across the country — and even Ireland — for inspection or for training. However, our first base was in London. Inside the M25, our London training centre is the best place to go within the capital for racking inspections or racking inspection training.

Pallet Racking in London? We Inspect!

HSE recommends an inspection of pallet racking systems at least once every 12 months. What’s more, HSE recommends that SEMA approved racking inspectors (SARI) perform these inspections because they are experts.

Our London-based SARI has years of experience inspecting pallet racking in London. It’s because of this that Storage Equipment Experts has great testimonials from small London businesses like Belvedere Carpets and world-famous London institutions like the Tate Modern.

Come to London to Learn How to Inspect Pallet Racking…

Inspecting pallet racking in London is what we do, but it’s not all we do. We also offer racking inspection training from our base in London. We do this because we recognise the need for London businesses to have staff competent enough to perform regular pallet racking inspections themselves. This is something recommended by HSE, but it’s also backed up by the CDM Regulations 2015.

Of course, it’s not just London businesses who need staff competent enough to perform regular pallet racking inspections. Every British and Irish business needs it. That’s also why our training centre is based in London; London is an incredibly accessible city.

You can get to London from Cardiff in just over two hours. You can get to London from Glasgow in less than four a half hours and for less than £40. Even from Dublin, London is a short flight away. Getting to London is easy, but we also understand that it’s not easy enough for everyone..

Can’t Make It to London? No Worries. We’ll Come to You!

If you can’t make it to London, that’s not an issue. We’re happy to travel anywhere in the UK or Ireland to deliver racking inspections or racking inspection training.

HSA — the Irish government’s health and safety authority — approve of HSE’s recommendations regarding racking inspections by SEMA Approved inspectors and regular inspections by staff. What’s more, EU standard EN 15635 also recommends inspections from an expert once every 12 months. It’s because of this that we also work with Irish businesses in order to deliver our racking inspection services.

Why Are Our Pallet Racking Services London-Based?

Even with Brexit looming, London still has over a million world businesses headquartered there. As such, it is a magnet for would-be entrepreneurs from all over the UK. Many of these London businesses have pallet racking systems, and our business is based there in order to help inspect them.

However, our base in London is about more than pallet racking in London. The city is an unrivalled transport hub for the rest of the UK and to Europe. It’s why people can travel to us, but it’s also because of our base in London that we are able to travel to you.

We offer our service to the whole of the UK and Ireland. The fact that we also have SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors (SARIs) best in the Midlands, the North, Wales, and Scotland also helps with our UK and Ireland coverage.

For pallet racking services in London and for complete coverage of the UK and Ireland, contact Storage Equipment Experts today. Call us now for a FREE consultation on your warehouse safety needs.

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