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A pallet racking safety checklist isn’t the most artistic thing in the world, but it’s an essential part of any art installation that uses racking warehouses safe.

Art captures the public’s imagination because of the way it is so entirely separate from the rest of our lives. As a result, a safe art installation, or a safe art performance, can sound like something of a contradiction. However, the Oakland Ghost Ship fire is sad and tragic reminder that art installations and art performances in warehouses do need to be safe. Art might be the essence of life, but warehouse safety is a literally a matter of life and death.

A Pallet Racking Safety Checklist Is Informative, Not Restrictive

The best artists fall completely in love with their medium and their subject matter. Jackson Pollock may have been criticised for producing work that a four-year-old could do, but the man loved paint and knew a lot about it. So, just as a painter should know everything there is to know about paint, so too should an artist who is making a warehouse installation know everything there is to know about warehouses.

This includes gaining knowledge of pallet racking systems through studying a pallet racking safety checklist. By knowing the constituent parts of a pallet racking system and how to use one safely, an artist can learn what can be done with pallet racking, what can’t be done, and why. Knowledge of their medium is precisely why the best artists can do such amazing things. Banksy didn’t become one of the most famous graffiti artists in the world by accident; you can bet that they know an awful lot about spray paint.

Our Pallet Racking Safety Checklist is Completely FREE!

The basics of safety should be free, and that’s what our pallet racking safety checklist is. We do strongly recommend that the people using it have also taken our racking inspection training course, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

Other Things to Consider…

A pallet racking inspection checklist is important, but there are several other things to bear in mind for complete warehouse safety for art installations. HSE offers a comprehensive guide to warehouse safety, which is also free in PDF form, which we would recommend that all artists refer to for any element of their art installation.

We would also recommend a racking inspection by a SEMA approved inspector for any racking installed in the exhibition. If you’re not installing racking, consider what you are installing and look into who would be most qualified to inspect it. This can be difficult for artists. After all, the point of many installations to push boundaries and defy definition, but you can never be too safe.

Go through all of your installation plans with as many safety experts as possible. Their suggestions might even act as inspiration. Remember, the aim isn’t to ruin your vision, but to make it safer. You want people attending your exhibition or performance to enjoy themselves, and a huge part of that is being safe.

Look to the Architects!

Safety and artistic expression can live together in harmony and architecture is a perfect example of that. Architecture is an industry which combines safe designs with beautiful designs to create beguiling buildings that are astonishing to look at but could also survive an earthquake.

Some of the most beautiful buildings in the world are also the safest, and the reason for this is that architects are the sort of artists who embrace the science and technology that goes into building. The same should be true of any artist using a warehouse for an installation.

Rather than seeing the warehouse and the safety precautions surrounding it as something holding you back, embrace it. Get to know exactly what makes a warehouse safe, get to know the science behind cantilever racking and pallet racking, and make the greatest and safest art installation there is.

Whether it’s for an art installation or anything else, contact Industrial Storage Equipment Experts for racking inspections services from the best SEMA approved racking inspector in the UK.

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