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Businesses of All Sizes, From All Over the World, Can Benefit From Knowing a Bit More About Pallet Racking Safety.

Pallet racking is a big asset to any business, but it’s also a big responsibility. Pallet racks are large structures that, when not used properly, are cumbersome at best and dangerous at worst. A warehouse that uses pallet racking well can operate with an efficiency to make any competitor jealous. Though laws about pallet racking safety may differ around the world, the key ideas remain the same. That’s why we at Storage Equipment Experts have created this infographic.

Pallet Racking Safety and Racking Inspection Training

Our knowledge of pallet racking comes from the wisdom accrued from years of being on the front line of the racking industry. We’re always keen to share our knowledge, and that’s why we offer rack inspection training delivered by rack inspection experts.

Racking inspection training allows businesses to ensure their pallet racking is inspect by their own staff.

Checking that pallet racking is properly secure, checking that it’s not bent, checking that it’s not damaged, and checking that it’s not overloaded in some way: these thing are not just one skill. They are a series of skills that can be acquired by varying levels of training.

And so while every country recognises the importance of this training, different countries have different attitudes to it. This is why some countries, like the UK and Australia, require that a racking inspection expert from outside your business inspect your pallet racking and other countries, like the US, do not.

The UK and Australia then also differ with how often a racking inspection expert should inspect your pallet racking. Furthermore, the two countries also differ with what constitutes a racking inspection expert in the first place. All of which is why we made this infographic. We want to clear up a lot of the confusion surrounding pallet racking safety.

At its heart, the principles of pallet racking safety are simple. Though they differ from country to country, the core ideas should be the same. In reality, it shouldn’t matter what country you’re operating in. We know this to be true because, despite being performing racking inspections as per HSE’s guidelines, we have offered our insight to American, South African, and Asian publications.

Pallet racking safety can be easily achieved by following the legal guidelines of your own country. Still, knowing about how pallet racking safety works in other countries can help to inform your decisions as well.

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Pallet racking is our passion at Storage Equipment Experts. Our desire to inform is why we provide a free racking inspection checklist as well as SEMA-approved racking inspections and rack inspection training. We offer a variety of services because we understand that pallet racking safety is a varied discipline. Pallet racking safety is always a worthwhile investment, and so it’s never a bad time to call or email us!

Contact Storage Equipment Experts for a visit from the racking inspection experts. We aim to provide the best racking inspection training and pallet rack inspections in the UK and we do so by adhering to HSE’s strict standards.

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