workplace safety

Who is Responsible for Safety in the Workplace?

With so many other things to worry about when running a business, it can be hard to know who is responsible for safety in the workplace. However, the answer is
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workplace safety and safety procedures folders on a desk

Why The UK Needs SEMA Racking Safety

SEMA racking safety is the cornerstone of warehouse safety in the UK. Without SEMA’s input, our nation’s warehouses would be very dangerous places. It’s easy to not appreciate how safe
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A risk assessment form on a desk

What is a Risk Assessment?

Risk assessments are essential to workplace safety, but what are they exactly? Without a risk assessment, your workplace could well be breaking the law. Yet, the reason you might not
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3 most common racking inspection violations

3 Most Common Racking Inspection Legislation Violations

Racking inspection legislation can be difficult to understand. As such, there are some very common violations. Violating racking inspection legislation isn’t an okay thing to do, but it is a
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SEMA racking filled with pallets

SEMA Racking Safety: 3 Things End Users of Racking Must Know

To end users of storage equipment, racking safety can get very confusing, and the aim of SEMA racking safety is to clear that confusion up. If you own a business
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A racking inspection being carried out following SEMA racking inspection guidelines

SEMA Racking Inspection Guidelines: How Often Should a SARI Visit?

SEMA racking inspection guidelines are simple, but they are still not understood by everyone Starting a new business is hard. To go from that initial rush of excitement on an
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