pallet racking inspections

Everybody knows that pallet racking inspections are vital to the continued safety of any warehouse, but not all pallet racking inspections are equal. As a result, there are several reasons why big companies like Tate Modern use Storage Equipment Experts for their racking safety.

A SEMA Approved Inspector With a Passion for the Industry

HSE state that all businesses need an “expert” pallet racking inspection once every 12 months from a “technically competent” person, recommending “expert inspectors under the SARI (SEMA approved rack inspector)

scheme”. The racking safety services provided at Storage Equipment Experts are done so by a SEMA approved inspector but, more than that, this is a SEMA approved inspector with a passion for his field.

If there’s one thing Tate Modern respects and understands, it’s excitement about your work, and we at Storage Equipment Experts have this is in spades. This is why large British and even larger American publications have asked for our opinion on different issues within the realm of racking safety and it’s also why we are happy to give it. Our ability and our desire to write about what we do reinforces our knowledge of the industry and helps us to deliver the highest quality racking inspections and racking inspection training in the UK.

The Best SEMA Approved Inspector in the UK and the only SEMA Approved Inspector in London

Storage Equipment Experts is home to one of the few SEMA approved inspectors in the UK and the only SEMA approved inspector in London. Our central base in London means we are accessible from everywhere in the UK for people who want to visit us for racking inspection training. The reverse is also true for people who want us to visit them for a pallet racking inspection. By train, London is just over two hours from Manchester, less than three hours from Newcastle, and less than four and half hours from Edinburgh.

Racking Inspection Training for a Complete Approach to Racking Safety

Beyond providing racking inspections from a SEMA approved racking inspector, writing about racking safety, and producing a free racking inspection checklist, we take the delivery of racking safety one step further.

We are proud to deliver the best racking inspection training course in the UK, alongside all of our other services, as part of a complete approach to racking safety. We believe that all warehouse storage systems should be as safe as possible, which is why we make efforts in every direction to ensure that the service we provide is the best. That’s why Tate Modern uses us, and that’s why you should use us too.

Call us for a racking inspection by a SEMA Approved inspector and racking inspection training from the company that is trusted by some of the biggest names in warehousing.

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