Responsible Business Submit Practices

This year’s Responsible Business Summit saw some of the UK’s leading CEOs come together to talk about safe and sustainable business, so what did we learn about racking inspection training?

The Responsible Business Summit (RBS) is an annual event where leading business people from across Europe come to discuss safe and sustainable business. The safety aspect was especially important as 2016’s event was sponsored by the Institution of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH), one of the UK’s biggest health and safety organisations.

Racking Inspection Experts, HSE, and Supply Chain Safety

Every business person has their own opinion on how best to make the global supply chain safer, and we’re no different. In fact, we’ve spoken at length about how important racking inspection experts and HSE are to supply chain safety. That is our opinion and, at this year’s Responsible Business Summit, many influential business people expressed theirs.

Nigel Sizer (president of the Rainforest Alliance), Mark Robertson (from ICTI CARE), Shelley Frost (executive director of policy at IOSH), and Dr Kirstie McIntyre (from HP inc) all weighed in on how they thought supply chains could be improved. Safety, sustainability, and fairness were all key themes in their talks and it was widely agreed that all of those things could be improved alongside profits.

We have always championed the idea that a safer and more sustainable supply chain isn’t just good for moral reasons; it’s good for financial reasons as well. Safety and sustainability are heavily linked, and when a business is safe and sustainable, it tends to make more money. Regular pallet rack inspections and racking inspection training performed by a racking inspection expert are a great way to start making your supply chain smoother, safer, and more sustainable.

What Can Sustainable Businesses Learn from Racking Inspection Experts and Racking Inspection Training?

In an op-ed for The Guardian, business writer Aishwarya Nair argued that ”sustainability must join health and safety as a core business value”. She cited the long uphill battle that those concerned about workplace safety faced during a different era 50 years when the issue was not seen as an issue at all. Today, “safety first” isn’t just some glib business mantra: people really mean it. Safety is central to many businesses and a lack of safety can make a business look really outdated.
This same attitude was echoed at the RBS when representatives from four brands, including Timberland and Willmott Dixon, spoke about how sustainability has been integrated into their businesses. By making it a core business value, like safety, employees are encouraged to air concerns about sustainability issues the business might have in the same way they might air concerns about safety issues.

We strongly believe in employees being allowed to voice their opinions on safety. That’s why we offer racking inspection training by racking inspection experts. HSE recommend a visit from a SEMA approved inspector once every year, but they also recommend more regular inspections from staff. Giving your employees racking inspection training helps to give them the knowledge and the confidence to speak insightfully and authoritatively about racking safety issues your warehouse may have.
The Responsible Business Summit has taught us that though companies may have many different approaches to creating safer, fairer, and more sustainable business models, this need not be a bad thing. Combining ideas through listening to the experience of other business people can help all businesses to develop. More often than not, businesses can work together in order to achieve better things. This is precisely what we believe in and precisely why we help other businesses to be safer with SEMA approved rack inspections and racking inspection training.

Develop your business into something safer and more sustainable with pallet rack inspection from the foremost racking inspection experts in the UK.

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