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An Introduction to Warehouse Safety: What is it? Who does it apply to? And why does warehouse safety matter?

At Storage Equipment Experts, we talk a lot about warehouse safety, and that’s mainly because we’re so passionate about it. However, one thing that we’ve not yet done is explain warehouse safety to the uninitiated. To us, it’s second nature, but to many people it remains a mystery. Some people might even wonder why warehouse safety even matters.

Warehouses are big structures and they have the potential to employ many people, as many as 40,000 in the case of some Amazon warehouses. With such scale and such size, the potential for accidents is equally huge. 40,000 people running around a building that size with no safety precautions would be complete chaos!

And yet, before HSE and the introduction of warehouse safety procedures, that’s exactly what happened. It was only after the tragic Flixborough chemical plant explosion in 1974 that HSE was introduced. The 24 needless deaths were a wake-up call, and since then warehouses have become much safer places.

Warehouse Safety and Pallet Racking Inspection Training

We have long believed that rack inspection training is essential to the maintenance of any warehouse. If you have a small business, then you need pallet racking inspection training. And if you have a big business… you also need pallet racking inspection training!

Any business with a warehouse can benefit from it. Warehouses are, in essence, nothing more than vessels for large storage systems. The larger and more ambitious your storage system, the better trained your staff should be to perform racking inspections.

Pallet racking inspections and pallet racking inspection training are a big part of warehouse safety. They protect your warehouse from damage and protect your staff from harm, just as much as hard-hats and rack protectors do. In fact, rack protectors are often misused, and so it is vital that employers and employees recognise the importance of expert rack inspections and rack inspection training as a preventative measure.

At Storage Equipment Experts, we have always been happy to supply our customers with expert rack inspections, delivered by a SEMA approved inspector, to warehouses across the UK. Though we are also passionate about providing our readers, and the general public, with knowledge about rack inspections and warehouse safety…

An Introduction to Warehouse Safety

Warehouse safety has a long history, but we also believe in the future of warehouse safety. That’s why we are keen to spread as much knowledge about the topic as possible. We believe in creating safer warehouses across the UK through spreading awareness, but also through our services. Our expert rack inspections and rack inspection training are perfect for businesses of all sizes. Whether your warehouse is a concrete jungle like Amazon’s or just a cozy corner to store your stock, we have you covered.

We are in the business of making warehouses as efficient, useful, and safe as possible. That’s why our expert rack inspections and pallet racking inspection training courses are carried out by a SEMA approved inspector. It’s also why we deliver our services to any business in the UK.

Contact Storage Equipment Experts today! HSE recommend that SEMA approved inspectors perform racking inspections because they’re experts, and we couldn’t agree more!

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