Pallet Racking Inspection Form

Winter can be tough on racking systems, so be sure to download a FREE pallet racking inspection form before it comes.

With winter fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to download a pallet racking inspection form and institute a proper inspection system in your warehouse. This is because, for many people in the warehousing and storage industry, winter isn’t just the coldest time of the year. The slow approach of Christmas (an event which some businesses start planning for in the summer) means that it can also be the busiest.

Christmas brings with it a tide of orders for products of all kinds. It’s a huge boon for businesses of all kinds across the country and it can really help to boost the economy. There’s a lot more to Christmas, of course, but the extra sales are what make businesses merry during this time of year.

The problem for warehouses is that all of this extra business couldn’t come at a worse time. Cold can bring illnesses, slippery floors, ice and a whole bunch of other winter-related injuries to your warehouse.

With so much going on during the winter period, it’s important to get a handle on things now. While your warehouse is still relatively quiet and warm, download our FREE pallet racking inspection form.

Why Do I Need a Pallet Racking Inspection Form?

HSE recommends annual racking inspections from a SEMA approved racking inspector (SARI). This is an important racking inspection service, but it’s not the whole story. In order to maintain the safety of your racking system in between visits from a SARI, HSE also recommends regular racking inspections from staff.

HSE recommends that the person performing this task is competent. Moreover, according to the CDM regulations, anyone working in your warehouse should be competent. In order to achieve this, we offer racking inspection training, but we also offer a checklist which staff can use once they’ve completed the training in order to perform regular racking inspections.

How Do Pallet Racking Inspection Forms Work?

Ours is pretty simple. We outline all of the different parts of a racking system: uprights, frame bracing, base plate, beam connectors, etc. Alongside each part is the option to mark it as green, amber, or red. The green, amber, red system is one recommended by HSE.

Green means the system is fine. Amber means that there is damage, so the system needs to be offloaded immediately and it needs to be repaired as soon as possible within four weeks. Red means that there is damage so that the system needs to be offload immediately and it needs to be repair immediately.

Why Download Our Pallet Racking Inspection Form?

Aside from the fact that you should download our pallet racking inspection form because it’s FREE, our pallet racking inspection is also one of the only ones written by a SEMA approved pallet racking inspector who is also a SEMA approved cantilever racking inspector.

Our SARI’s wide range of racking system knowledge is why the racking inspection form which you can download from SEE is of a higher quality than other racking inspection forms. However, don’t just take our word for it. Download it for FREE and see for yourself how our pallet racking inspection form will improve your warehouse’s safety in time for the cold and busy winter period.

As well as a FREE pallet racking inspection form, we also offer FREE consultations. So, for racking inspection training, pallet racking inspections and other racking inspection services, contact Storage Equipment Experts today.

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